Monday, January 30, 2012

GCC: Asian Fried Chicken with Honey Ginger Sauce

This was a very delicious chicken dish that my family and I feasted on during our dinner last Friday. I've never encountered a chicken recipe that required brining prior to cooking (I have though with pork and beef) but I think this extra step made the chicken more tender, juicy and flavorful. I always feel somewhat nervous when a recipe calls for something to be deep fried (nothing pleasant about hot, boiling oil potentially splattering in front of you) but after reading the ingredients list of this chicken recipe, I knew that the sweetness of the honey, the heat and spiciness of the ginger, and saltiness of the soy sauce and brine would make this a wonderful chicken dish that my whole family will enjoy. And they did! What I especially love about this recipe is how crispy the skin remained even after mixing it with the sauce.

I used several chicken quarters for this recipe instead of chopped pieces of a whole chicken as we all preferred the moistness and juiciness of this cut. I believe deep frying the breast part for example would yield a tough and dry chicken meat. It also took about 10-11 minutes at 375 F for the chicken to be cooked through. The soy sauce and sugars from the honey made the chicken a lot darker and almost charred looking but it's not bitter and would look really appetizing once you put the sauce. The only thing that I would change when I make this chicken again is to saute the garlic separately first (for more flavor and less bite) before putting it in with the ingredients of the sauce.


  1. yeah, agreed the flavor of this sauce is pretty awesome. we might have to try the fried version next time

    1. And I'll try the grilled version next time! :P

  2. That looks really appetizing! I'm a leg quarter fan myself :o)