About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name's Janis aka Janwa -- a thirty-something wife and mother of two rambunctious little boys.  I've been cooking and baking for years but only decided to chronicle my culinary adventures this year. I love making all kinds of dishes and desserts but lately, I've been baking breads of all kinds, trying to master this art which would hopefully turn into a fruitful career in the near future.  

The biggest source of my happiness is my family and seeing them enjoy my culinary creations makes my heart swell.  I am also very thankful to have a husband who is my biggest fan, a constant cheerleader who always supports my endeavors whatever they may be.    

My blog is a place for me to share to you the dishes that have brought joy in our home, my culinary travels (hopefully late this year) and also my learning progress in bread baking.  As much as I'd love to share all of the recipes I've made with you, I sometimes opt not to copy and include them in my posts because I want to support the authors who have worked hard on their books and want to encourage everyone to buy them instead.  If ever I do find recipes of the dishes I've made online though, I include links to them in my posts.

Please don't be a stranger and feel free to leave comments to any of my posts! ;)

Bon appetit!


Me on the left, my twin sister Janet on the right